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Welcome to the Sonique Fitness TESTIMONIAL page. Please read through some of the old and new comments about Sonique Fitness class. Thankyou to all those that have contributed and shared their time and energy with us. Sonique Fitness just would not be the same with out you. If you would like to share your thoughts about any of the classes please feel free to add you own testimonial, it will be greatfully appreciated.


Much love Sonique X

Quotes I've always been scared of going to gyms and standing alongside other "body-beautifuls" and getting my sweat on. I lost a load of weight and was developing some seriously impressive bingo wings and realised I needed to do something to shape up. In stepped Sonique with her amazing Steel Combat sessions and crazy glow in the dark Clubbercise classes! It never felt like a beauty contest, you get greeted at the door by a whirl wind of huge smile, amazing curly hair and a huge ball of energy when you meet her.... Energy that is kept up all the way through the classes that means you can't help having a huge smile on your face all the way through the class... Even when you've done so many squats and curls that your arms and legs feel like they may explode! Steel combat is amazing for toning up your body-my bingo wings have massively reduced doing this class and it's working all my core and tightening my stomach and thighs up a treat.clubbercise is a great stamina builder too-love them!! Quotes
Steel Combat & Clubbercise lover!

Quotes Being unfit and over weight, I've always found exercise a bit of an embarrassing experience. I started Clubbercise with Sonia about 4 months ago and was instantly hooked. The dark room (no one can see your bits wobble) combined with Sonia's enthusiasm and energy make for a really fun hour. You really do forget that this is a work out, its more like a night out! I'm now a fight klub addict too, I love Sonique fitness classes, and am fitter and leaner now than been since i was a kid, and cant rave enough about them! Thank you Sonia!! Quotes
Sonique fitness addict!

Quotes I love fitness and always have but always found it a bit of a boar. Until I experienced Bowka with Sonia Sonique Fitness. As a professional Bongo player and percussionist Bongolistic Intent I was asked to play at some classes, one of these a charity event for Bluebell wood children's hospice, raising £1500. Bokwa to me is not just a fitness class its Fun fitness as it links Dance & Music together. I would therefore be more than happy to recommend this to everyone of all ages and look forward to playing at many more adding the live sound of my Bongolistic Beats. Quotes
Bongolistic Intent

Quotes Sonia is a inspiration to us all keeping you motivated and smiling throughout her classes , I started doing bokwa last year i wanted a class that was fun and a instructor that was able to motivate me.i remember my first class was so much fun i couldnt wait for the next one now i cant go a week without bokwa without feeling ive missed out .i also did zumba will sonia which was fun, clubbercise which is awesome cant wait for more of that ;) and 15,15,15 which i hope sonia brings back soon i miss it ;) i love my bokwa family yeeeeehawwwww Quotes
satisfied customer

Quotes I started Bokwa eighteen months ago on a Thursday night with another instructor last January. I found out about Sonia's Class and started going on a Wednesday morning I still went on a Thursday night and one night I went and I was so pleased Sonia was doing it I really enjoy it is good fun and a good laugh and Sonia makes you feel really welcome and you want to feel as if you have had a good dance come to Sonia's class Participant and Friend Quotes
Susan Smith
Satisfied Oldie

Quotes Before I started doing the METAFIT bootcamp it had been a while since I had done any exercise. I used to complete dance classes three times per week. I was a bit aprehensive at first about taking part as I thought I would not be able to participate in some of the exercises. I have now been participating every week for a month and my fitness levels have increased dramatically, Sonia is brilliant, you work at your own pace and push yourself as hard as you want to. I had begun to start lacking in confidence in myself and completing these classes with Sonia has increased my confidence so much :) they are fun and enjoyable. Thankyou so much xxx Quotes
Danni Roberts

Quotes I started Bokwa nearly 2yrs ago under a different instructor. I was just starting to lose weight after having been 16 stone. Then I met Sonia at a bokwa event in Bolton and was told she would be covering bokwa classes in Doncaster. She has now taken over fulltime and with the help of this amazing lady I have found a voice which I thought was never going to happen. Bokwa really caught my eye as I like dancing anyway but this is not just dance,it is dance fitness and am really hooked. Although I would like to teach this I feel I am already doing this as Sonia puts us up the front so others can learn So thank you, you inspirational lady for making me what I am in the bokwa family and proud to call you guys family Quotes
Mark the motivator sands
only bokwa boy in donny

Quotes Wow, wow, wow.. I love your new website, Your new classes and the new you!! Ever since I've known you, You've been a Fun, Energetic, Full of life, Full of positivity, Persistant, Consistant and most of all Beautiful person. All of these qualitys are so hard to find amongst different people but some how by the Grace of God you happened to have them all, thanks for being more than a fitness teacher to me my good friend and keep up the Great work and im sure in a couple months you'll have the healthest borough in all of the UK.. Please to anyone thinking of joining sonias classes.. Join join join youve got nothing to lose but pounds and fitness to gain.. Be lucky. (Get fit Keep fit Dont quit) Jay Love Quotes
Jay Love
Good Friend and fellow motivator

Quotes I hated exercise, till i met Sonia, then it all changed. Her classes are amazing, so full of fun and energy. Ive always been slim but now i have defined shape and tone. Also i have made lots of new friends and built my confidence. Sonia is a brilliant fitness instructor who i would recommend to everyone and am proud to call her my friend. xxx Quotes
Joanne Bokwa Miller
Participant and friend

Quotes I happened to come upon Sonia's bokwa when a class a friend and I were going to was cancelled and I've been hooked ever since! Sonia is a great motivator and her passion and enthusiasm for what she does is infectious! I'm usually smiling or laughing about 10 seconds in! Have recently started metafit which is an entirely different shorter more intense workout and I love that too . If you enjoy exercise on any level I would recommend any of her classes Quotes
Sam Penk
Participant and friend
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