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Welcome to the Sonique Fitness TESTIMONIAL page. Please read through some of the old and new comments about Sonique Fitness class. Thankyou to all those that have contributed and shared their time and energy with us. Sonique Fitness just would not be the same with out you. If you would like to share your thoughts about any of the classes please feel free to add you own testimonial, it will be greatfully appreciated.


Much love Sonique X

Quotes Im 47 have arthritis, stressfull fulltme job, Mum of 2 and a Grandma. Zumba Sonique style should be on perscription, for 1 whole hour Im 25 out for a night with the girls. Good music good friends good fun and and all the stress is gone. Many thanks Sonia x Quotes
Yvonne Baines
Participant and friend

Quotes Super Classes On Trend Natural Instructor Incredible Benefits Queen of Fun Unique ways to keep you Interested Everything you need to stay Healthy Jane Ogden 48yrs old and if thats no good age doesnt matter with sonia, we all need to stay healthy, and she makes sure she gets the very best out of everyone, we leave feeling fantastic. Quotes
Aunty Jane Ogden
Participant and friend

Quotes Since I become a mum my life changed extremely. I'm a happy mother but I had to deal with after pregrancy overweight. I've tried many different ways to loose weight but I couldn't notice results and failures were just bringing me down. Luckily last September I've discovered Sonique fitness and that was what I needed and I'm enjoying it nowadays. I've started with Zumba classes by Sonique what was great fun, my mood gone up extremely, I were sweating with smile on my face. As soon as Sonia started with Bokwa I've tried straight away and cannot get enough of it. Everyday I want more and more. Sonia's classes bringing so much energy into me. She's an amazing person, fantastic instructor who loves her job and such a great inspiration for many of us. I've lost 2 and 1/2 stone since last September which is amazing, I'm so grateful to Sonia! Quotes
Magdalena Ciuchta
Participant and friend

Quotes Sonia's fitness classes to be fair took a huge part of my life since September 2011. Together with friend of mine that time were looking for some fitness classes and fortunately on internet we discovered Sonique Fitness with Zumba classes. After the first lesson we knew we not going to look anywhere else, we found exactly what we were looking for. Sonia's positive personality, energy and ideal ability to lead inspire me and encourage me to hard work out without losing fun. Sonia's classes are something that I'm looking forward to, if I miss any I feel something is missing. Sonia's a huge inspiration to everyone I believe who's lucky to meet her, so peeps DO NOT MISS YOUR CHANCE!!! I met her when my life was changing and thanks to her and her activities I kept still smiling. She just loves life and loves her job what helps everyone around believe same and never ever give up. I've started from Zumba classes with Sonique, then I've tried Bokwa buzz that I loved absolutely Quotes
Aldona Krauzlis
Participant and friend

Quotes SONIA is brilliant so full of energy and fun, just love bokwa classes. I'm a 3 times a week bokwa babe xxxx Quotes
Kathleen Heron Andryszewski
Participant and friend

Quotes "I always thought of exercise as a chore until i discovered sonia's classes, they are fun and entertaining they are great as you lose weight and inches while having lots of fun" Quotes
Racheal Horton

Quotes If you dont let Sonia Sonique Smith touch your life in one form or another you are seruiolsy missing out!! Infectious personality- whipping you into shape at one of her many exercise classes! Fun for all. Quotes
Joanne McBride

Quotes 'Sonia's classes are always really fun and exciting, she always lights up the room as she comes bouncing in to see you. Sonia always has a way of making you feel positive about yourself while always congratulating you on how well you've done' Quotes
Kelly Redfern
Participant and friend

Quotes Sonia is a FAB bokwa and zumba instructor and I really enjoy going to her classes! She gets the whole class BUZZING and we all bounce off her energy!! She has a lovely out going personality, she's very easy to talk to and not just my instructor but my friend xx Quotes
Janine Smith
Participant and friend

Quotes "I started going to Sonia's Zumba and Bokwa classes in February and right from the start I was hooked! It's so much fun it's not like exercise at all. I'm 57 years old and was very unfit when I started! I can now do a full hour of Bokwa and stay on for an hour of Zumba! I've lost 21lbs in weight which is great but the buzz I get out of classes is even better. if you are thinking about having a go just go for it - if I can do it anyone can. Sonia is one crazy lady but so passionate about what she does it's infectious!" Quotes
Mavis Britton
Participant and friend