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Welcome to the Sonique Fitness TESTIMONIAL page. Please read through some of the old and new comments about Sonique Fitness class. Thankyou to all those that have contributed and shared their time and energy with us. Sonique Fitness just would not be the same with out you. If you would like to share your thoughts about any of the classes please feel free to add you own testimonial, it will be greatfully appreciated.


Much love Sonique X

Quotes "Sonia brings so much fun and energy to her classes. I absolutely love going to them. It doesn't matter how tired I feel after a days work, going to zumba it Bokwa for an hour always energises me even though I've had a really good workout. I've met some fantastic new friends, learnt moves I never thought I'd be able to do and can honestly say that I have now found a form of exercise that I absolutely love and would recommend to anybody. Everybody needs a Sonia in their life. She is truly beautiful inside and out, has a passion to see women achieve their goals whatever their shape, size it background. She us a constant source if positivity, encouragement and fun and has a unique ability of making people feel so much better about themselves after spending a few minutes with her. Quotes
Karen Mettam
Participant and friend

Quotes Just want to say how much we enjoyed the metfit class, me n mark thought u were really motivating, with a great vibe n good teaching skills, looking 4ward to your bokwa n zumba classes. Quotes
Joanne Daley
Participant and friend

Quotes I have been using the gym on and off for the last few years but have found a new lease of life since trying Sonique Fitness last year. Every session is great fun, whatever your fitness level, and the classes are always friendly and inclusive. It's great for people just getting into exercise but there's plenty to challenge fitter people. The best thing about the classes is sonia; she always creates a welcoming, enjoyable atmosphere and before you it you'll be shimmying your cares away! Quotes
Karen Bielby

Quotes Upon deciding to try Zumba I went along to a class run by sonya I was pretty unsure and nervous. But sonya soon had me relaxed and feeling more confident. Since taking the classes not only did I loose some weight my confidence grew drastically. It's fun and a brilliant way to Loose weight get fit with a friendly nutty instructor. I recommend getting fit with sonique fitnes. Quotes
Belinda Jack

Quotes Hi My name is Janet and I am 62 years old and retired from work last year.I had never heard of bokwa before.I decided to try a class with Sonique,and it was amazing!I really had no idea what to expect,but I got a fantastic warm welcome,and so much help and encouragement at my first class,her enthusiasm and passion were contagious,so could not wait to go back.Within weeks I was hooked,and all at once it clicked.if I am feeling down, by the time the class is over,I am buzzing,we laugh,shout,sing and dance all the way through it.I never knew I had so much energy,Sonique is great,bokwa is great,so glad I decided to try it! Quotes
Janet Ingham

Quotes Sonia is an amazing instructor and so lovely! Very welcoming and she gets everyone in the mood for fitness. Love all of her classes and she pushes us to try our hardest which pays off and always feel great after doing them. X Quotes
Theresa Andryszewski

Quotes I have never really been one for exercise but when i discovered Bokwa all that changed !! At first i was a bit worried that i wouldnt be able to understand it and i would look a complete idiot, but by the end of the first class i was hooked ! Nobody judged me or laughed at me and we were all there for the same thing.....to have fun and get fit. Sonia is the perfect person to run this class as she is energetic and crazy !! There is never a dull moment in her classes and everyone is so friendly. I dont go as often as i used to but i try to go at least once a week. Its fantastic and i would recommend it to anyone who wants to keep fit in a fun way. Quotes
Vicky Bixstar Mair

Quotes I was introduced to Sonia when I was hosting a charity zumba event and was let down at the last minute by the instructor. Sonia agreed to help me out with the event which raised £400 for Bluebell Wood children's hospice. I was blown away by her enthusiasm and ability to motivate and engage a crowd for 2 hours ( many who were not really that into fitness - they were just there to support the charity). Sonia's generosity was greatly appreciated and in return I was introduced to Bokwa which was new to myself and the majority of the people who attended . Sonia introduced us to Bokwa which is brilliant and am excellent workout ! This year Sonia and I arranged a second event - this time for over 40 people raising £525 for the same charity - everyone had a great afternoon and all commented on how brilliant and enjoyable Sonia's classes are - we love her ....... Roll on next year !!! Quotes
Michelle Lee

Quotes " Love Clubbing but Hate Exercise? (that's me!!) You'll LOVE Bokwa!! With Sonia as teacher/trainer you never have a dull moment. I tried it out cause I never heard of it before and I havnt regreted it at all.. Sonia welcomes everyone with a BIG Smile and Open Arms to join in the Fun!" Quotes
Inga-Lena Hagstroem

Quotes I started doing Bokwa about a year ago and got hooked straight away Sonia is an excellent instructor she makes it fun and has got loads of charisma which makes you want to push yourself and do better I've started doing some of her other classes as well she's very addictive to be around an lots of fun and has also become a good friend of mine I couldn't ask for a better instructor, so give her classes ago and you will see you won'tt be able to stop x Quotes
Joanne Dixon
Participant and friend